William Coupon
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International Center of Photography, New York, New York:"Fleeting Gestures: Treasures of Dance Photography;" November, 1978
CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, New York; March, 1980
Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York; April, 1980
Northern Kentucky University, Covington, Kentucky; May, 1980
The Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, New York; January, 1981
P. S. One, Long Island City, New York; "The New York/New Wave;" February, 1981
The Alternative Museum, New York, New York; "Face to Face;" January, 1982
The Grey Art Gallery, New York, New York; "Faces Photographed;" November, 1982
The Hirshorn Museum, Washington, D.C.: Photographic Lecture, August, 1985
The Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio; "Cincinnati Collects;" October, 1985
The Photographic Resource Center, Boston, Massachusetts; "Group Portraits;" May, 1986
The Institute of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, Illinois; "Portraits;" December, 1986
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Mexico City, Mexico; "Tarahumara;" November, 1989
The Senate Rotunda, Washington, D.C.; "Endangered Cultures;" October, 1994
The Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico; "Ethnographic Pictures;" June, 1995
FotoFest ’96, Houston, Texas; "Social Studies Sixteen: The Kurds;" February, 1996 
The Candace Perich Gallery, Washington Depot, Connecticut; "Social Studies One: The New Wave;" April, 1996
The Yakut Gallery, Moscow, Russia; "Tribes;" October, 1996
Antwerp Museum, Antwerp, The Netherlands; "Social Studies Sixteen: The Kurds" April, 1998
The Hellenic Center of Photography, Athens, Greece; "Social Studies Sixteen: The Kurds;" March, 1999
Will Channing Gallery, New York, New York; "The Portrait and Digital Mix;" February, 2003
Art and Commerce, Amsterdam, Holland; "The Portrait;" April, 2004
Hotel de’ Ville, Paris, France; "Social Studies Sixteen: The Kurds;" July, 2004
The Arizona State University Museum; "The Democratic Image;" September, 2004 
Govinda Gallery, Washington, D.C. "Politicals, Nudists, and Others from an American Life;"  April 2005
The Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico, "Portraits of the Modern World;"  April, 2006
The Dali International Photographic Exhibit, Dali, Yunnan, China;   October, 2011
The Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico, "Musicians and Artists;"  February, 2013
The Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton, New York, "The New York Yankee SX-70's "  August, 2013
The Goggleworks Factory, Reading, Pennsylvania, "Social Studies Series,", September ~ November, 2013    

The Art Gallery of Guatemala, Guatemala City:  "Social Studies", May, 2015

SGR Galeria, "Mostly Punk", Bogota, Colombia   August, 2015





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